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Earn Targeted Returns of 8% and above with

Private Mortgages that Fund Development Projects

Private mortgages allow you to invest directly into the proven market of Canadian real estate by becoming a mortgage lender. We provide the opportunity to invest Development projects, in partnership with top name Canadian Developers.

Is this opportunity right for you?

Why Invest through a Private Mortgage?

Targeted returns above 8%

Secured by a charge against the subject property

Terms range from 2 - 7 years

Third party property valuations

$30,000 minimum investment


Choice of borrower, project and market

How does it work?

Private Mortgages Offer the Opportunity to Diversify with Real Estate


8% and above annual interest is what you’ll earn for the duration of your project term. Each project varies, see contract for details.

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Real Opportunity

Backed by a tangible asset in the form of a mortgage on Real Property, a feature unique to syndicated mortgages.

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Real Choice

Choose a project by developer, build type, location, term length; the choice is yours.

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Real Value

Invest in something tangible that adds value to the community and the economy.

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