Tired of riding the investment roller-coaster?
  • Targeted returns of 8% and above
  •  Terms range from 2 - 7 years
  • $30,000 minimum investment
  •  RSP, LIRA, RESP, TFSA & CASH eligible
  •  Choice of borrower, project and market
A private mortgage occurs when one lender or several lenders loan their funds to a borrower on the security of real property. The lenders name is registered on title along with the loaned dollar amount. 
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How The Private Lending Process Works


The borrower submits an application for their residential, commercial, or development mortgage. Before we accept any borrower, we go through an in-depth examination of the mortgage opportunity and assess all potential risks.


Each lender is different, just a each borrower is different. Before you become a private lender, we go through an in-depth suitability examination and discuss all potential risks with you.


After thoroughly evaluating the order and establishing the suitability of the lender, the lender's funds are loaned to the borrower via a mortgage, and a charge on the title of the property is made in the lender,s name.


Depending on the type of mortgage, interest payments might be:
- monthly
-in a partial lump sum upfront; or
-will accrue for the duration of the mortgage and will be paid at the end of the term.


At the end of the term (including any extensions, outlined within the details of the loan agreement), the principal is repaid by the borrower and any outstanding, unpaid, or accrued interest is also paid to the Lender. 


Choose a mortgage by category (residential, commercial, development), location, term, or payment structure - the choice is yours. 


Each mortgage is unique to the specific needs of the borrower. We make sure that our lenders only lend their funds within mortgages that also meet their specific needs.


The nature of a mortgage is that it is backed by a tangible asset; in this case, it is the land and/or structure associated with the loan.


Your money adds tangible value to the economy and community around you. 
What Our Investors Are Saying...

Mary B. - Investor

“FDS Broker Services has been nothing but professional and cooperative. When my initial project exited and I received my principal and interest, I was very pleased with my returns. I spoke with my mortgage agent about reinvesting my returns plus additional capital into another project.”

Don L. - Investor

FDS Broker Services has provided an opportunity for me to diversify my investments into an asset class that offers an improved rate of return. I have recently included a condo project in Vaughan called Old Market Lane in my TFSA; previously in my RRSP I invested in Lotus Condo (Residences of Bayview) and Brookdale on Avenue Road. The staff has been straightforward and helpful in clarifying details. I have recommended their projects to close friends.

Ivan S. - Re/Max Agent

“My investments with FDS projects have yielded good returns in terms of consistent and regular interest payments and good ROI upon project completions.”

Larry D. - Investor

“We wanted to be connected to the real estate market without the worry of collecting rent payments from tenants, and FDS private mortgages have allowed us to sit back and collect our returns regularly and on time.”
*Rates displayed are annualized simple interest returns that past clients received on principal amounts loaned within individual mortgages
associated with defined parcels of land and specific real estate development borrowers and projects. These figures consist of a contracted
rate of return for the term of the loan, and in some examples shown above are also combined with either (a) deferred lender fees payable
to lenders when development projects achieved specific profitability targets, or (b) profit-sharing amounts shared with lenders when their
development project achieved specific profitability targets. Final rates of return displayed above were calculated using specified auditing
procedures, and after full repayment of principal to lenders. Past performance as shown above is not necessarily indicative of future
results. Complete details for each mortgage loan, including all relevant terms and conditions, are contained within the Loan Agreement
and other documentation which is provided to clients prior to their decision to lend. Each mortgage loan must be evaluated on its own
merits, and may not perform as well as the rates of return displayed above. You must meet certain eligibility criteria in order to become a
private mortgage lender. Private mortgages contain risks that are not suitable for all consumers.