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Highlands of York Region (Meadows of East Gwillimbury)

- by Tercot Communities, Cityzen Developments & Fortress Real Developments

Tercot Communities, Cityzen Development Group and Fortress Real Developments are planning a 91-unit single-detached housing development in East Gwillimbury; the combined property includes the assembly of three land parcels off 2nd Concession Road, north of Doane Road. The singles will feature lots with approximately 38’ of frontage, and the homes envisioned will average 2,100 sf for an average price of just over $800,000. The scheduled release of these homes would take place in late 2017 or early 2018, depending on municipal approvals.

The extension of Highway 404 has made transportation to East Gwillimbury much easier, and the town that much more desirable. We expect sales and pricing to remain strong over the next three to five years in the municipality.

East Gwillimbury is one of the hottest markets for new development right now. More buyers are looking north in search of the coveted single-detached home as evidenced by the very popular Queensville and Queenslanding developments located a few minutes away from our site.

Joe Valela, President of Tercot Development Group

Project Developer

Tercot Communities Limited is a multi-disciplined real estate development company with over 35 years of experience in the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Golden Horseshoe residential markets. Tercot utilizes a multi-faceted approach to excellence in community building. With extensive experience navigating the regulatory framework and development approval process, Tercot is able to efficiently and effectively manage the entire land development process from initial acquisition to full build out. Tercot strives to build vibrant, walkable communities that encourage social interaction while being sensitive to environmental and social concerns.

Cityzen Development Group and its sister company Dominus Construction Group are a multifaceted Real Estate Developer and Builder respectively. Cityzen-Dominus are committed to excellence, dedicated to creating beautiful and iconic design-driven developments and enhancing quality of life and place, while remaining sensitive to community and environmental concerns. Cityzen-Dominus takes a comprehensive approach, providing complete real estate services that span the entire spectrum of real estate sectors. The company’s outstanding management team, with extensive backgrounds in construction and development management, are focused on delivering complex and challenging masterpiece projects on-time and on-budget.

Fortress Real Developments is a diversified real estate development and investment company that partners with established builders and developers throughout Canada.


The built-out value of all Fortress Real Developments projects in 2014 was over $4 billion, with approximately 10,000 residential units either planned or under construction. Fortress has 17 lending partners for debt capital and is recognized as a leading source of equity capital for catalyzing development and construction projects across Canada.


Fortress researches and tracks market trends to find valuable development opportunities in prime locations with strong metrics and absorption. Whether it’s commercial builds with global big box brands, a soaring residential tower in an urban center, quality low density homes in a scenic suburb, an exceptional land servicing deal, or a condominium community to serve our nation’s rapidly growing seniors market, you can always expect to find Fortress in the best markets.


Fortress provides ongoing expertise and stewardship from inception to completion. From analyzing and buying the land, to hiring the architects, to building the sales centre, to retaining the planners who obtain permits and approvals from the city to improving the quality of the development, our team is constantly evaluating how to add value to projects and push them closer to completion.